Awareness of the Lost Boys and the aftermath of the civil war in Sudan are encouraged to people that want to learn more about the country and how the war turned out.

The film encourages people to learn more about what civil war can do to people that are only seeking stability and peace in life. In this page, you will learn more about how you can interact with the refugees from Sudan. It is a set of activities that is best conducted with a group of students that are either doing research in this field or just want to learn more about the Sudanese people and the ones that are displaced due to war.

The Lost Boys

This activity involves in how students are able to learn about where the Lost Boys come from and how each of them got their own name. They can then watch excerpts of the film and even write their opinion about it. Usually, this activity alone can last up to 45 minutes.

Before the excerpts of the film or the whole activity makes it into a formal part, the host or instructor will talk more about the vocabulary used in the film. These vocabularies include immigrant, emigrant, human migration, resettlement, and refugee.

This is then followed by a building up on the film’s background. Take for example the famous novel of J.M. Barrie entitled Peter Pan wherein the main character formed his own family and took care of each member in Never-Never Land. The group attending this activity will be explained regarding the Dinka men over 25,000 that ran away from the war taking place in Sudan. These men have trekked through the sub-Saharan Africa since they were looking for a safe place to live in, and how they ended up finding their own homes in the US. The ones that dubbed them the “Lost Boys” were the relief workers, where they picked it up from the novel Peter Pan, which is how the mainstream media picked up on it as well. The whole group is then called officially as “The Lost Boys of Sudan”.

The students will also be guided accordingly in their education about the Lost Boys by having them locate where Sudan is on the map. As of this writing, Sudan’s southern region had officially separated, thus forming their own independence. They are now known as South Sudan. The students will be explained about what came about the First Civil War then followed by the Second Civil War. The students will also be guided upon how religion and oil were the two main reasons for the breakout of the civil war.

After all these, the students will then watch the film. After watching the film, the instructor will tell them to list down the instructions regarding the film that they’ve watched and the content. They can do this while they are watching the film so that their ideas won’t go away as they keep dotting their ideas on paper. The students are also encouraged on giving a summary that describes the Lost Boys and what they feel about the film itself.

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