Migration Mapping

In this section, the students will be given an overview of what will happen when they engage in the awareness of the Lost Boys and their migration journey from Sudan to Kenya than to the US.

After the film showing, the students that participated in this activity will be divided into small groups. It will be a turn for them to mark the Lost Boys’ migration journey. Each group will have a set of outlined maps of Sudan, the United States, and the world. Each group will be asked to mark out the routes that the Lost Boys went through during their journey. Each group will be asked to list the route on the board. These routes are the following:

  • The refugee camps situated in the western part of Ethiopia, across Sudan’s border and one onto the refugee camp in Kakuma situated in the northwestern part of Kenya
  • Dinka homelands at the southern region of Sudan, now South Sudan, to the refugee camps located in the western Ethiopia.
  • Route from Kakuma refugee camp, then to Nairobi
  • From Nairobi, taking a flight to Brussels, Belgium
  • Finally, a flight from Brussels, Belgium to New York City, USA

This is then followed by the introduction of the word diaspora wherein students are going to learn more about it. The students will then be requested to add the routes on their maps. The host or instructor of this activity will explain things to the students on the new word diaspora. This word refers to people’s migration away from their homeland. It can also be referred to as the displacement of people. The students will learn about how the Lost Boys have settled down in 18 different states in the US, which include California, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Florida, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Michigan, Maine, Minnesota, North Carolina, Missouri, Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, Washington, Virginia, and Utah. The students will then be requested to add the routes starting from New York City to all the other states.

In the small groups, the students will then be asked to use the provided MapMaker Interactive in order to make the geo-tours done by the journey of the Lost Boys. Each of them will load up the MapMaker Interactive. They are first asked to save the map which will be used by the group to work on later. Then the students are asked to construct the geo-tour of various segments of the journey of the Lost Boys utilizing labels, bookmarks, markers and drawing tools.

Each group will share their opinion regarding the journey and even discuss the physical challenges and hazards of these routes. Then the whole class will have a discussion regarding these topics – the dangers the Lost Boys have faced when they took on those routes listed down by the students, including wildlife, food sources, and drought.

Students will then be encouraged in discussing the challenges faced with displacement, including how they can retain their culture, language, tradition and many other factors that are tied to the homeland of the people.

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