You might want to know more about how the Lost Boys are doing these days, feel free to fill up the contact form below and send us your concerns or requests. If you want to send emails or emails directly to them, just write to one of the addresses of each of these men that are living in the United States and Africa. Just to keep you notified, two of them already returned to Africa in order to bring back what they have learned during their university years. John remained in the US and travels back and forth to Africa in order to bring awareness regarding the war that went through Sudan.

    With the civil war ended back in 2005, South Sudan has officially become an independent country, thus the situation has gotten better. However, it doesn’t mean to say that everything is okay. There are still struggles left from the civil war, but at least South Sudan was given the honor to act and become an independent country.

    If you want to arrange a film showing for education purposes, you can also contact us so that we can arrange a place where all the students are going to watch it. We can also arrange a meet and greet with one of the three men featured in the documentary. We will arrange a venue for the meet and greet, and the number of participants allowed in the event. While there is no limit to the number of participants to register, it is important that you make the arrangements in advance so that we can accommodate the number of people expected to join the event.

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